Andrew Fraser, Realtor

Andrew Fraser Is An Ontario Licensed Realtor Working In York Region, Ontario.

About Me

My career in the construction industry during my education at the University Of Toronto. Following my education I narrowed my focus to new custom home construction and high end renovations. The main purpose of these projects was for equity increases and top end listings.

Following construction, I entered the financial industry in 2004. My understanding and experience in project financing was a natural fit for the mortgage industry. I ended my time in the financial industry with a position at King and Bay specializing in mortgage financing.

Leaving the finance sector in 2008, I attained and currently hold dual licences in real estate & mortgage financing. My professional knowledge of the many areas of the financial industry, construction industry and real estate industry gives a individual perspective for each scenario. You will have a personalized solution for every transaction I am involved with. I have the expertise and experience to put you in a solid financial position in all manners of home ownership and home investing.

“I do everything I possibly can for my client. They see this and they talk about it. I don’t have to ask my clients to refer people to me, they want to. The professional service they receive from me is something they talk about. That is what referrals are! Referrals are not sales people harassing you day in day out for your friends and families contact info!” - Andrew Fraser

Being involved in these different industries has allowed me to build a vast network of professionals and industry specific contacts. I have developed contacts over my career which allow me to offer exclusive knowledge and products. Few professionals can compete with what I offer.  From ensuring seemingly impossible deals evolve through to completion. To connecting you with professionals that get you rates that are lower than anyone else will quote on paper. I stand behind all of it. If I am not able to do what I promise, then you are getting a discount from me personally.

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Andrew Fraser, Realtor

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