Past clients have gladly shared:

“Andrew took the time to explain how different options would affect me financially. In the short and the long term. ”

- J. Anders

"Andrew has developed his own computer programs that show different cost scenarios all at once and how they all stack up. It’s very informative. It helped me make an informed decision"

- A. Simpson

“His honesty and sincerity are a breath of fresh air in the industry.”

- D.  Sinclair

“What he tells you is the truth, whether you want to hear it or not!”

- N. Chapman

"One of the best negotiator's I have ever worked with. His knowledge of all aspects of the industries involved is formidable. Really glad I had him on my side!"

- C. Simpson

"I got the house I wanted for the price I wanted! What else could I ask for!"

- J. Sliman

"Andrew's outside the box thinking was able to make my deal happen!"

- A. Soares

"I have learned so much from him!"

- Steve P.


Andrew Fraser Is An Ontario Licensed Realtor Working In Georgina, Ontario.
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